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The Bantamweight level is made up of 7 and 8-year olds (along with 9-year olds that are under 65 pounds).  At this level, we focus on helping athletes  in 1) acquiring skills, 2) finding joy in the game,  and 3) developing confidence through participation.  Done in the right environment, the drills, exercises, and games at this stage set the foundation for athletes to learn the next level of skills.

During the regular season (practices after the first game), the Bantamweights practice on Tuesday,  Thursdays, and Fridays from 4:30 to 6:30 at Welles Park.  To gain a full understanding of our practice schedule, both Preseason and In Season, it is recommended that all parents read our practice policy here.  Although the Bantamweights are the youngest level, the expectation for all players is to commit to practicing each week. If they don’t practice, then they will not be able to improve their skills and play in the games.  Practicing basic football techniques weekly will enhance their football skills, improve their football abilities, and increase player safety. In return,  North Side Youth Football  will provide them an enjoyable, fun, and rewarding experience.  

The goals of the Bantamweight level are as follows:

·         Teach kids the basics of football in a positive environment.

·         Allow them to gain an appreciation of team sports. 

·         Help them to learn and understand discipline, commitment, and respect of both coaches and players.

·         Learn the aspects of team sports and camaraderie.

We believe that if we maximize the appreciation of the sport, we will also maximize the enjoyment the kids get playing football.

The Fees for the Bantamweights are $500.  Scholarships are available to anyone in need of financial assistance.  In order to learn about our fees and family requirements, click here.

In order to learn about game schedules and other general information, click here.

Check out some action from the Bantamweight level below.