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General Football Information

North Side Titans TCYFL Playing Fields

The North Side Titans home field for games is Lane Tech Stadium. Map of the Lane Tech field is here.

All programs, levels, and teams at North Side practice at Welles Park.  Click on here to see the location of Welles Park. 

2020 Season Information


The football season consists of 9 regular season games, followed by playoffs. Games are played on Saturday or Sunday at varying times.  Home games are at Lane Tech and away games are throughout the Chicagoland area.  Home games at Lane are always on Sundays.  Away games will be either Saturday or Sunday.  We will not receive the schedule until mid August.  The first game of the 2020 season will be on August 29th or 30th.  The final regular season game will be October 24th or 25th.  Not all teams make the playoffs.  Your child's team has about a 2/3 chance of making the playoffs.  The playoffs are single elimination and may last three weeks.  The first playoff games would be the weekend of November 1st.   Championship games are the weekend of November 15th. 

Player Registration

$200 - $425  depending on age, options selected, and date of registration.

We will never turn away a player for financial reasons. Scholarships and flexible payment plans are available to all families who need assistance with the registration fee.  

To learn more about our fees and scholarships, click here.

Registration fee includes the use of the following items for the season:

  • helmet
  • game jersey and pants
  • practice jersey and pants
  • shoulder pads

Players must purchase the following:

  • football cleats
  • mouthguard


For detailed information on practices, click here


Division Maximum Eligible Age (as of 9/1) *1 Maximum Unrestricted Weight *2 Maximum Striper Weight
Regular 14 175 Unlimited
Junior Varsity
Regular 13 145 185
Older/Lighter 14 120
Regular 13 125 135
Older/Lighter 14 105 105
Regular (Younger) 12 130 140
Regular (Younger) 11 135 145
Younger/Heavier - Striper 11 *4 145
Younger/Heavier - Exception - Double Striper 11 *4 see *3
Regular 12 115 125
Older/Lighter 13 85
Regular (Younger) 11 120 130
Regular (Younger) 10 125 135
Younger/Heavier - Striper 10 *4
Younger/Heavier - Exception - Double Striper 10 *4 see *3
Featherweight Regular 10 105 115
Older/Lighter 11 75
Regular (Younger) 9 110 120
Regular (Younger) 8 115 125
Younger/Heavier - Striper 8 *4 125
Younger/Heavier - Exception - Double Striper 8 *4 see *3
Bantamweight Regular 8 95 105
Older/Lighter 9 65
Regular (younger) 7 100 110
Reegular (younger) 6 105 115
Younger/Heavier Striper 6 *4 115
Younger/Heavier 6 *4 see *3
Flyweight Regular 6 75
Older/Lighter 7 50
Regular (younger) 5 80


Maximum Unrestricted Weight means maximum weight to run the ball

Maximum Striper Weight means maximum weight to play for a particular age, Unrestricted Weight determines whether a player is eligible to run with a ball

*1. The Maximum Weights are effective for Week 1.  All weight limits for each level will increase by one-half pound per week the entire season, including any playoff games.  The Maximum Weights include minimum of shirt, football pants with pads or football pants with girdle if girdle is worn for the game.

*2.  Player age as of September 1.  Player cannot be enrolled in high school

*3. "Younger/Heavier Exception - Double Striper" players must be approved prior to game play by the TCYFL

*4. Must be younger to be a heavier exception striper

The Registration "General Football Information" is not currently available.