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Younger/Heavier (Y/H) Players


My child is large for his age?  What happens with him? 

Youth Football is age and weight based.  That means that if your child is in the upper percentiles of weight for his age, he may have to play with players that are one or two years older than him.  North Side Youth Football is a huge supporter of age and weight based youth football.  Every year we have numerous players on every team that are Y/H players.  NSYF is very experienced in providing these players with a safe, appropriate environment that will give them a positive experience.   We understand that these players are playing against kids older than them.  When coaching and teaching Y/H players, we recognize their unique situation and adjust our coaching to make sure they succeed and have a positive experience.  Every year, the percentage of Y/H players that have  positive experiences is just as high as other players (and that percentage is very, very high).

If your son falls into the Y/H category and you want to understand more, we highly recommend you call Mike Lohman at 773-510-7720.  He will answer all your questions so you are satisfied that you have all the information you need..