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Older/Lighter Players


My child is light for his age?  How can he be successful when he is smaller than everyone?  Is it safe for him to play? 

If your child is smaller than normal or lighter than normal for his age, he may qualify to be what is known as an Older/ Lighter player. Older/Lighter players (O/L) play with and against other players that are one or two years younger than them but most likely bigger. Being an O/L player is the best case scenario for your child if your child falls within the age and weight requirements to be designated as such. This designation places the individual player in a situation that allows the child to gain confidence through success and also, most importantly, play at a level that is safer for him. Some players and their families become frustrated with the O/L designation - feeling that this is a demotion or in someway, shape, or form states their son isn't good enough to play with kids his own age. The reality is that the designation is neither a demotion or an assessment of talent. It is, however, a system that allows each player to be placed at a level that increases his or her chance of having a positive experience.

The Age and Weight Guidelines for O/L players are:

  • 9 year-olds who are under 65 pounds would play at the Bantamweight level.
  • 11 year-olds who are under 75 pounds would play at the Featherweight level.
  • 13 year-olds who are under 85 pounds would play at the Middleweight level.

Please refer to the Age and Weight Table for a complete listing of age and weight guidelines.